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About The Event

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Areas of Activity


IT Consultancy

ISO27001: 2013 information technology audit
Business analysis and architecture planning
System analysis and database planning
IT project development and management
IT Risk management
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Project Management

B2B IT project management
Enterprise Data center deployment
Software project development and delivery
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Professional Training

Digital transformation training
IT security training
Agile project management training
Network and system architecture planning training
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Supply & Equipment

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ICT EXPO-2023 Technology show

We had introduced “Digital intelligence-DQ” during the ICT EXPO-2023.
    - How we can protect our children & youth generation and personnal data?
    - How we can use the technology and improve the digital skill, decrease the digital risks?

It shows that this is a hot topic in the DIGITAL ERA that After the speech many organizations, students, parents and international organization was interested in.

Thank you and appreciating all of participants taking care of protecting our new generation
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